Eco-Friendly Bags

Many individuals don’t understand how necessary eco-friendly bags are. However, continuous efforts are being made all around the world to help divert people away from all the items that are harmful to society. Various organizations have started to take many steps forward, and they give out the eco bags along with their logos and names printed on them. They are rather proud to sponsor themselves as benefiting the whole society in every possible way. From the bicos de confeitar to the eco-friendly grocery bags and you name it.

The Top 5 Benefits of Environment-Friendly Bags:

Plastic has been accumulating in our environment from the bottom of the oceans to the tops of the mountains. Plastic needs valuable resources to yield like natural gas and petroleum, but it also permeates the environment mainly because it isn’t biodegradable and takes up to 1,000 years to be destroyed. Therefore, it is essential to bring up eco-friendly shopping bags to solve this plastic problem.

1.    Reduction in the Environmental Plastic Waste:

On average, the current usage of bags each year is about 500 billion worldwide, which is about 150 plastic bags by each person each year. If all of these bags were reconnected from one end to another, it would orbit the world 4,200 times. Unrequired to mention is that an environment bag would ominously decrease this number.

2.    Biodegradable:

Among the many benefits of reusable shopping bags is the fact that often these are made out of natural materials and are, therefore, biodegradable. So one must trade in their plastic bag habits which take years to degrade into much smaller pieces, for something which isn’t just environmental-friendly but even returns to the earth right after having been used.

3.    Stronger and More Comfortable to Use:

Eco-friendly bags are a lot stronger and long-lasting as compared to the typical plastic ones. Additionally, they’re so much more comfortable to use and carry than the traditional HDPE plastic bags. Therefore, by using such eco bags, one can take more weight with less stress on the body and hands to do so.

4.    Photodegradation, Ingestion and Pollution:

Plastic bags which don’t make it to the recycling plant or a landfill are at danger for photodegradation, which involves the release of toxic polymer particles by exposure to sunlight, ingestion by almost 100,000 mammals every year, or even pollution that makes up to 10% of all coastline debris. The use of eco-friendly bags diminishes the number of plastic bags included in the environment as well as the risks after that.

5.    Plastic Tax:

Many of the stores, cities and entire countries are prohibiting the use of plastic bags or applying taxes on any critical use of them. By switching to eco-friendly bag shopping bags, one can prevent the extra expense when going out for shopping.


So why use reusable bags? It is important to educate people about the benefits of using reusable, eco bags since the advantages of those over plastic bags are infinite. The greatest challenge to make such a huge transition can be done by really implementing it!