the best color for a restaurant

Choosing the right color for your restaurant is important as it is closely related to the foundation of the entire marketing and branding of the restaurant. It is obvious as not only the logo of your restaurant should be interesting and inviting but also the color of walls, the tone of every piece of restaurant furniture, tablecloths, and even napkins. Everything should awake a sense that your place is worth visiting.

By the way, while making decision one should understand well the restaurant color psychology. There exists the whole science that studies the effect of colors on a person. Color theory, the name of this science, is helpful for those restaurateurs who are eager to create an atmosphere favorable to influence the way people eat.

So, you can read all the necessary information to ease your consideration here. And the first you should know is that the most favorable colors for your eatery are warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and green.

•    Red

Every person would agree that this color is always related to something hot and exciting. What is more, red is also known to be a posh color creating a luxurious atmosphere. But not only those are the main advantages of red while choosing it as your brand color. The most significant factor is that deep garnet red is the best one in encouraging the increase of eating impulse.

For you to know red is one of the most commonly used colors in the food industry. We can’t even imagine dinner without a glass of bloody red wine, told to be the most favorable drink to have a good appetite. Moreover, even if some brands color is different they all definitely have some red colored elements.

The most known food companies who make red color their brand color are Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Nestle, Burger King and so on.

Orange & Yellow

In its turn, terracotta orange is told to be no less suitable color for restaurants. Almost all the muted earth tones are good but orange and yellow are known as the most cheerful and funny color besides them. By the way, they are also told to be the most favorable color for small eateries such as ice cream shops, fast food chains, and others small places to make them as cozy and sunny as only those two could.

One more benefit for fast food restaurants visitors is that orange will have a helpful influence on their nervous system. Do you wonder how could it work? The fact is that the guests of orange fast food restaurants are less prone to feel guilty about eating such unhealthy food. While yellow is told to be used in fast food eatery designs to promote customer stopover and force them to eat faster.


It may surprise you a bit but green is another no less popular color for the restaurant. In general, green represents the harmony, nature, and freshness having a calming effect on people who came to have some rest. Moreover, in the food industry green convince restaurant guests that all the ingredients are fresh, healthy and juicy. By the way, restaurant owners should take into consideration that organic food became more and more popular nowadays. So, be open to the world, nature, and your guests’ preferences and it will definitely attract people to your place.