Successful Claim

When we take out an insurance policy, be it a home or contents policy, car insurance policy, life insurance, pet insurance, whatever type of policy it is, the ultimate reason we have the policy is to protect something; something we value and want to be replaced or repaired should the worst happen. So the bottom line of all insurance policies is the claim, placing an application, a successful request (read about zippyloan lenders to get more details about successful financial service which provides safe and reliable money borrowing operations).

Insurance companies are not here to deny claims, they are in the claim business, but there are a few things you can do to help ensure (pun intended) your application is successful.

Home insurance

It doesn’t matter if you are a tenant and take out contents insurance or a property owner; there are few little things you can do to make the claims process go easier. One of by inventorying all of your possessions, and also by photographing them or videotaping them get close-ups of anything valuable and also note any serial numbers for items that may have them.

You also may wish to save these photos or videos on a memory card or stick, and store in a safe place, preferably a fire retardant safe or somewhere off-site. You can also email yourself the photos to be kept in your Gmail or Yahoo email account. These accounts can be accessed from anywhere, and the attachments would be safe.

Also when valuing your possessions, be accurate and if need be provide valuations from web sites for rare and valuable pieces.

Car/auto insurance

If involved in a severe accident, always look at safety first, make sure anyone injured is safe and help on the way. Police and accident investigators will investigate them, and you can later obtain a copy of the accident report.

In all accident instances being aware of what we may say immediately after the accident, any utterances, or apologies may later be used as an admittance of guilt or fault.

Most of us have cameras on our mobile phones, so a few photos of the accident scene may be helpful as well as photos of the damage to the vehicles themselves.

Remember to update your insurance policies as your circumstances change, especially if you have new or more furnishings in your home.

Be aware of any time-frames in making a claim. Don’t wait to make a claim.

So just a few helpful hints to make the claim process go smoother.