Salon Waxing

Waxing can be pain-free. Because let’s face it, whilst fuzz-free skin is a must-do for summer when you will be wearing your stunning swimwear or cat keyhole bra anime, constant shaving is a bit of a bore. Waxing, on the other hand, can leave you smooth and stubble-free for up to three weeks.

Waxing salon nkd in Glasgow

So what exactly is waxing? Well, it’s a semi-permanent hair removal technique, which, pulls hair out at the root. It can be done on various parts of your body including your legs, underarms, back, and eyebrows. Before booking a waxing appointment, hair needs to be long enough for the wax to grip. That means a few weeks growth which isn’t exactly brilliant but doing this late spring could be great timing for summer. There are different kinds, but strip waxing is where the wax is spread thinly over the skin, then, a strip of material is gently pressed on top. After waiting a few seconds, the strip is quickly pulled off, removing the wax and the unwanted hair. And where shaving or depilatory creams simply remove hair at the surface, waxing takes it away from the root. The result is clean, smooth skin and, combined with the allure of binning those razors, it’s easy to see why waxing is popular with both ladies and men.

Gillian and Debbie from nkd Glasgow

If you haven’t stumbled across nkd before, no fear, the branch, tucked away in a corner of Glasgow’s House of Fraser, only opened at the end of May this year. The nkd brand was founded by British-born Rebecca Dowdeswell, who after a year with the superior waxing services in Brazil, returned home vowing to bring brilliant waxing to Britain.  Following her Nottingham launch, Rebecca opened her second salon, this time in Glasgow, and like the other nkd branch in Nottingham, it uses French waxing brand,  Perron Rigot. It’s hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free so suitable for sensitive skin, and whilst other salons might use Perron Rigot, nkd are hold the prestigious title of being brand ambassadors.  The four-strong team in the Glasgow nkd waxing clinic offer a friendly service, with the advantage of being walk-in, and with a promise to make any waxing as pain-free as possible.

Products from l-r Blue Lotion, Jasmine Oil, Cristal Ocean strip wax.

Branch manager Ashley, who’s a bit camera-shy, explains the waxing is a four-stage process, involving cleansing the skin and applying an oil protector before the waxing begins. She begins by cleansing the skin first with the Blue Lotion, seen here above on the left. She says, “We use the Perron Rigot Blue lotion first which works just like any cleanser, taking away any dirt or products. Then the next step is to apply the Perron Rigot Jasmine oil. This acts as a barrier between the waxing and the skin. It protects and helps to retain some of the moisture.  Then, we apply the Perron Rigot Cristal Ocean strip lotion to the skin, applying it with a spatula to small sections. Pushing down the fabric strips on top, then quickly, pulling off and finally once it’s done we apply the Perron Rigot After wax Refreshing Gel to soothe any redness and help replenish”.

“And it’s really not painful, people just think it’s going to be more painful than it is. But it helps to be using a premium brand like Perron Rigot. The nkd staff all have to undergo plenty of training to do this, and we’re constantly learning and making sure our waxing technique is as pain-free as possible. I’ve been working as a professional waxer for six years, and in my experience, once people start, they don’t go back to shaving.”

So how did the promise of pain-free go? Well, they might just have done it. There were no shrieks or whimpers, instead, just like threading, it was a bit uncomfortable. And the plus point of having waxed smooth legs is it leaves more time to enjoy the sunshine.