Naturally, no person all around the world has no idea what animation is. At least everyone has his favorite movie since childhood. That is why in this article we are to talk about the creating illusion of movement process and cost of animated video production. So, let’s figure out what are the top 10 types of animation step by step.

1. 2D Animation – The first 2D animation was hand-drawn. Its purpose was the characters and backgrounds creation. And even today when computers are more available, 2D technology is still one of the leading animation styles in the cinema industry.

2. 3D Animation – 3D made a revolution in the world of animation. Its three-dimensional space objects are considered to be the trend of a few years. It took place in different types of videos started from science fiction movies to the Walt Disney Pictures cartoons.

3. Rotoscope Animation – It is an animation technique that requires the special projection equipment known as a rotoscope.

4. Whiteboard Animation – This type is said to be the best type of videos in learning animation craft for beginners. Its minimalistic design and absence of visual effects make animation suitable for educational purposes.

5. Typography Animation – This type of animation performs the role of title in every cinema movie. Typography is a combination of text and motion. Its main benefits are simplicity, clarity, and art at the same time.

6. Frame Animation – Frame animation is more known as a stop motion animation. The sequence of frames creates the illusion of real movement. According to the principles of this technique, animators should manipulate the objects physically to get the desired result. The vivid example of frame animation is the movie is “The Teddy Bears.“

7.  Cutout Animation – It is a kind of stop moving animation. Lotte Reininger created the film “The Adventures of Prince Achmed.» The thing is, he creates his type of animation in this movie. He moved the paper cutouts under the camera lens and told his story. Such a cinema surprised the audience, and the audience liked his fewer graphics animation videos.

8. Clay Animation – It is another type of stop-motion animation. All the characters are made of clay pieces. Naturally, it is not an easy task that requires a lot of time and hard work. But as well as different types of motion graphics, this type is noteworthy. What is more, these clay animation movies are shorter than other brands, but they are no less valuable for cinema art.

9.  Mechanical Animation – Mechanical animation is made with the help of 3D technology, and it is a complicated process of creating realistic images. It is almost used by engineers to test new products to its efficiency and productivity. But bear in mind, it must be the highest quality movie. Otherwise, the result would not be realistic and errorful as well.

10. Audio-Animatronics – It is a kind of robotic animation. The patent holder of this idea is a Walt Disney engineer that created a robot to entertain visitors in the Disney Park. It is equipped with the number of cameras and sensor which makes an audio animation looks realistic.